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GASCDO is recruiting volunteers with finance, social media, administrative, and management skills. If you have the time and skills to support in these area, kindly complete our volunteer application form today! Thank you.

Vision, Mission & Objectives

With the belief that the quality of care and treatment for sickle cell disease should not be determined by where you live; the Global Alliance of Sickle Cell Disease Organizations (GASCDO) will work with National Member Organizations (NMOs), Regional Member Organizations (RMOs) and collaborators to ensure GASCDO is abreast of challenges faced in their communities in order to provide them with effective support. Vision Reduce global incidence of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and ensure equitable access to optimal care and treatment by all people with SCD worldwide. Mission To inspire hope and improve the quality of life of all people with SCD worldwide Objectives Support access to disease-modifying innovative therapies including clinical trials and research by all people with sickle cell disease (SCD) regardless of where they live in the world; Work in partnership with National and Regional SCD organizations, health care providers and other necessary collaborators to raise public and government awareness and coordinate SCD advocacy and support globally; Support the development and sustainability of global sickle cell disease comprehensive and prevention programs, especially in countries with low resources; Spread good practice globally, including the development, dissemination and implementation of clinical care guidelines.

Who We Are

GASCDO Represents Patients with SCD; Parents, carriers, and families of patients with SCD; National and regional SCD organizations; Health care professionals; Educators and advocates; Community representatives; Others not limited to individuals, organizations, institutions (including centers of excellence, research and care provider organizations); and the industry.

Our Partners

The GASCDO is grateful to Novartis and Pfizer for the generous financial contributions made to support GASCDO’s inaugural meetings. It is also building relationship with many other pharmaceuticals with interest in sickle cell disease. If your pharmaceutical or corporation will like to learn more about GASCDO and support its vision of advancing SCD globally, please reach out to our corporate relations function at: Corporate Partners Novartis Pfizer Sanofi Genzyme Bluebird bio Global Blood Therapeutics